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Simple answers to frequent questions

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Frequently asked questions
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  • What do you provide?

    If you are close by, we can arrange a consultation and brainmap which is the best way to target research-based recommendations.

    If you are at a distance, I can arrange a phone or Skype consult.

  • How many sessions of biofeedback relaxation training does it take to hold?

    Everything depends on the number, severity and duration of the problems, and the results of the brain-map if needed. Twice a week min. for first two months reduces the total number of sessions. 10 - 20 sessions usually for minor issues. Each additional symptom usually requires an additional 10 sessions.

  • When do I see results?

    Results usually occur within 10 sessions and they last when course is complete.

    If other medical conditions exist or have existed in the past, they must be maintained by your medical professional.

  • What causes brain trauma?

    The latest research shows us that the brain is more fragile than previously thought.

    Always wear protective gear and drive carefully.

    Some sources of mild traumatic brain trauma can be oxygen deprivation, emotional stress and traumatic events, high fevers, infections from viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens; toxemia, environmental neurotoxins, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities, and genetic patterns. 

    The brain can be taught or re-educated, allowing us to optimize our function so we can enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life style.

  • Do Insurance Companies Reimburse?

    Most P.P.O.s with out of network benefits will reimburse significantly towards the brain-map.

  • What is a brain-map and is it necessary?

    A quantitative electroencephalogram or q.e.e.g. is a detailed look at function of the brain done by leading clinical researchers in the field. It picks up subtle changes in blood flow that may be interfering with function. It helps us to know what's really going on. Not everyone needs one if the stress levels are mild. We can determine if one is needed by having a short telephone consult. After so many years of performing them, we are very effective brainwave readers capable of deciphering many situations through highly experienced pattern recognition. The chiefs of nearby hospitals as well as leading institutions consult with us for that reason.

  • Are there any side effects to the biofeedback?

    Biofeedback should be done by a skilled professional.

    It is one of the safest technologies available.

    Like many professions, you need to find someone not only skilled but highly recommended. Use your judgment when choosing someone. It can't address all of life's problems, but with the right technician, it's amazing what can be done.

    One size and one protocol does not fit all brains.

    Customizing your training protocol with brain-mapping brings you the very best and fastest results which is why better providers do use them. Milder problems might not require them of course. However, when two or more problems occur, they are highly recommended.
    Insurance does reimburse for ours if you have out of network benefits.

  • Can the brain change itself?

    With a little boost, yes it can! Click before and after Brain SPECT images here:

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