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What we offer

Braincare Inc. offers a wide range of services to meet your needs

  • improving neuroplasticity is my specialty.
  1. Brain mapping tells us which pathways are operating and which are suboptimal so that health professionals can better target their protocols to the appropriate areas and identify the best corresponding therapies. This saves time and money for all concerned! But the most important effect it has is to more quickly restore brain functions for the individual.

I'll work with you on a one-to-one basis, boost your confidence, and help you build a strong future. I can work over the Internet, or phone or in my office or through Skype.

Zoom and Phone Consults, We Love to do Biofeedback over the Internet and it's easy

My brain imaging has helped to identify brainwave patterns associated with many functional deficits.

  • neurofeedback westchester
    Initial Consultation

    5 hours office or remote consult which includes brain imaging, bodyscans, genetic testing, if needed, drawing from a team of the best brain research professionals, geneticists, and latest testing. Followup with indivudialized recommendations included. Case history required for children and adults. Prior testing. welcome.

    Price: $2,300.00

  • brain mapping test body scan
    One Hour Body Scan with Nutritional Consult

    This can also be done remotely.

    Non invasive top to bottom body scan with nutritional and therapy recommendations. Two hours.

    Price: $575.00

  • better brain health neuropsychology
    Hourly consultation or supervision

    For health care providers and information seekers. Schedule visit and submit payment day before phone or Internet remote sessions.

    Price: $175.00

  • brain nutrition
    One Hour Phone Consult

    Let us hear your story and see if there is any way we can tweak your brain health practices.

    One and a half hours

    Price: $275.00

  • energy assessment
    Energetic Assessment

    Energy work can help provide an overall direction to the work on your issues. First assessment then distance work is available hourly.

    Initial Price: $250.00

  • special needs tutoring westchester ny
    Special Needs Tutoring Hourly separate from biofeedback sessions

    As a teacher for special needs children and adults, we can provide the extra insights from our brainmapping research into understanding which teaching methods work best for our students. Many feel that we really understand what is going on inside of them as no one else can. We also provide a relaxed environment that makes learning possible.

    Price: $150.00

  • brain health coaching
    Brain Health Coaching Prime up my brain!
    $90 half an hour, $150 an hour, 10 weeks for an hour each week $1,250.00.

    Weekly coaching including monitoring customized brain healthy supplements and customized nutrition. Learn and implement new brain healthy habits


  • Special Needs School Evaluations
    Special Needs School Evaluations

    Schools need to know where to tweak their Individualized Educational Plans. School meetings hourly plus transportaion to present our recommendations.


    Helena has a wealth of experience helping chidren thrive with special needs, including a Masters in Education, Special Needs Technology, and Neuropsychology. 

  • Biofeedback and Bodyscan Sessions remotely

    Ideal for students, ADD, ADHD, and maintaining brain fitness. Save time driving to the office and back.

  • neurofeedback-session.jpg
    Home Visits

    Direct and in-person evaluation and rehabilitation. Ideal for those with Parkinsons, ALS, Autism, Infections, Strokes and Concussions. 

  • Teamwork
    Twins and Adoption Assessments
  • Work from home

    Family and group discounts available

Focusing Issues and Learning Disabilities for both Children and Adults
You have plenty of potential, so let me help you achieve your goals.

As an educator, we have been working with focus, attention, learning disabilities,auditory and visual processing, sensory integration, handwriting, sensory, motor, environmental sensitivities of special needs students and adults for over 35 years in school settings, at home, and in doctors office. Our brainmapping has given us amazing insights and qualifications to work with this population. We have helped fine tune many special education school plans to better match student's needs to help them get services that they need to become better students.

Attention and focus issues may and do often occur simultaneously with learning disabilities. 

Functional deficits that have not responded well to standard protocols may often be due to one area compensating for others. This is often seen in cases where progress has not been made from the services offered. When properly identified, learning disabilities can be identified, addressed, and students can begin to succeed in the classroom.

We receive referrals for brainmaps from psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, teachers, school systems, hospitals, chiropractors, nutritionists and other healthcare providers looking for additional help and insights. We work in Westchester County, Manhattan, around New York State, as well as in Greenwich, Connecticut. We can work at a distance and can arrange home visits.

We consult over the phone and Skype, nationally and internationally. Just arrange for a consult and send us your information. We would be happy to see if we can help!

We are also available to come to your professional office to perform our brainmapping assessments. This can be a valuable addition to any established practice to help you customize your protocols to the individual needs of your clients.We'll work with you on a one-to-one basis, boost your confidence, and help you build a strong future. Let’s achieve great things together. Give us a call today to get started.

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I consult over the phone and Skype, nationally and internationally.